How can I upload a primary photo?

Click the gear symboled in the top right corner. Click “My Info” >> then click “Edit Profile” >> then click “Change Profile Image”.

How do we keep non greeks from having accounts?

When a user makes an account they have to select an “Initial Chapter” for sign up, therefore associating their profile with a specific pledge year and chapter.

We encourage members from each chapter to review users that claim to be part of your chapter.

Just like in the real world we can’t stop a perp from buying a greek tee shirt and claiming to be a divine 9 member. But ACTUAL members will know if that person is lying about chapter affiliation and or membership.

If you suspect a perp profile you can “Report a User” and that person will have to provide proof of membership?

Why is my profile not visible in the search results?

Profile visibility is based on the zip code attached to your account. The iD9 app does not track your location but instead uses the zip code information entered for your account. By not adding a zip code to your profile, it keeps your profile hidden from users.

To add a zip code to your profile: Click gear top right corner, and click “My Info >> “Edit Profile” >> “Update Profile Info”>> then enter the “Postal Code” at the bottom of the page.

My organizations chapter is not provided on the list, what now?

Every organization has a list of chapters provided by the organization’s headquarters. We understand new chapters are added every year but to keep a secure Greek environment we must have validation that these chapters exist.

If you do not see your chapter listed Click Here >>


How can I delete my conversations from my messages?

Users can only delete messages that they have sent. Next to each sent message, there is a trashcan icon on the right hand side, click this icon to delete the message.

How can I submit content to the app?

Go to this link to submit all Greek related news and videos >>> Submit Content.

All content must be screened before it is posted. No derogatory, inappropriate, or sexually explicit content is allowed on the iD9 App.

A member keeps harassing me, what can I do?

If a member of the site is harassing you, click the “Report User” button at the bottom of the users profile.

Can my account be terminated?

The only way an account can be terminated is if a user gets reported for not being an official member of the organizations they are claiming, and that user can not provide proof of membership.